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The Bronpi range of woodburning stoves

Bronpi stoves have become popular in recent years as so many of their models are well suited to the British market. Firepower have now been asked if they would take over the UK marketing of Bronpi and have been very pleased to accept. The classic stove that Bronpi is known for is the Huelva, the magnificant four sided freestanding model that is a ‘must have’ for customers wanting a focal point in a large open plan design, and today it is even available in a ceiling hung version. The backbone of  Bronpi’s range for this market, however, are the beautifully designed traditional cast iron stoves with large viewing windows and generous outputs like the Derby, the Preston and the extraordinary three windowed Bury. Their clean-lined steel models such as the Sena Plus and Gijon are perfect examples of modern-style box stoves and Bronpi’s highly contemporary Bombay range, with their uniquely square vertical design with one, two, or three windows, are stunning in a modern setting. Equally up to date and elegant are the Cairo range of inserts, going from a 70 cm width to over a metre wide and with single and double sided options. As the energy price-rises bit last winter there was a big increase in demand for stoves with an oven and hotplates and the Monza, Suiza and Tudela models started flying off the shelves. The other big want was for Ecodesign boiler stoves and Bronpi’s 80E Vision insert boiler hit the spot with its 22.5kW to water and 4.5kW to the room.  To meet the increasing demand for Bronpi stoves Firepower are now taking on more dealers and increasing the opportunities for showroom displays so you are welcome to contact Martin on 01803 712721 or martin@firepower.co.uk to see if you would be eligible. For more information see www.firepower.co.uk/bronpi

DRU contemporary gas stove collection now with five models

DRU Fires, based in The Netherlands, is one of Europe’s leading fireplace companies with a large portfolio of contemporary gas, electric and wood burning fires and stoves. DRU has reported an upsurge in the sales of gas stoves due to several factors. This includes people switching from wood burning due to the convenience of gas, the expectation that gas prices will stabilise this winter and the flexibility of the balanced flue system, which means that gas stoves can be installed in many locations around the home. The DRU gas stove collection now includes five models: Convexo Convexo is a curvaceous, one-metre-high stove with a 3-sided fire view and a sleek black colour finish. It has an A rated energy label, is 91% energy efficient and can be run on mains gas or LPG Trio Trio has a 3-window fire view, with a fashionable new black finish. The mirrored Ceraglass interior adds greater depth to the flame picture and has a B rated energy label with 85% energy efficiency. Circo Circo is an elegant gas stove with an oval design and an expansive viewing window, revealing a classic log fire with high, dramatic flames and generous warmth. It has an A energy rating and 92% efficiency Passo Passo is a sleek, cylindrical gas stove with a large, wrap-around viewing window framing a gorgeous log fire bed. As well as an A energy rating and high efficiency, it is also available in five external colour finishes to compliment almost any décor. Polo Polo is a robust and stylish rectangular shaped gas stove, suitable for traditional or modern homes. Its 4-kw heat output makes it suitable for smaller living spaces and it has a convenient remote control with room temperature setting. All the stoves are balanced flue appliances and, apart from the Polo, have the exclusive DRU Eco Wave operating system. This enables the user to control the flame pattern, flame height and room temperature using the remote control or an app for smartphones and tablets. For further information email: info@drufire.co.uk or visit the website: www.drufire.com

Colt Cowls launch 2024 Catalogue!

The new 2024 Colt Cowls Catalogue is out now and includes: The chimney cowl range is offered with FREE next day delivery in mainland UK. Flexiwall flue and stove pipe is available with next day delivery even if you order as late as 2.30pm! Many of the chimney cowls available through Colt Cowls also bear the BSI Kitemark emphasising the companies perennial approach to providing the market with the absolute best quality products possible. This approach to quality has been paramount to the success of the brand as it heads into its 93rd year of existence!  This years Colt Cowls catalogue is white in colour with the eye-catching green statements on the front cover highlighting the fact that the company enjoys ISO14001 status. Colt Cowls takes its approach to environmental matters extremely seriously and the company is pleased to report it has now almost completely removed all plastics from packaging. Installers, Sweeps, Fireplace Shops, Builders merchants and distributors in both UK and on the continent now benefit from recyclable cardboard packaging. This new packaging is not only environmentally friendly, it provides more protection in transit and can easily be flat packed for disposal in recycling bins.  If you are interested in getting your most up to date Colt Cowls Catalogue as well as other Catalogues such as Roccheggiani Black Twin Wall Flue and the Stainless Steel Kitemarked range of cowls simply call the sales office on 01243 781559 Images courtesy of Colt Cowls

Westfire Uniq 26 woodburning stoves from Eurostove

Keep it sleek and simple with Westfire Uniq 26 woodburning stoves from Eurostove. When planning new heating for a modern home, a clean-lined contemporary woodburning stove is the perfect choice. Sleek, minimal and fuss-free, it lets the heat do the talking. The Wesfire Uniq 26 collection from Eurostove is just the thing for adding a focal point to living spaces, combining effortless chic with plenty of heat output for blustery winter afternoons and cosy evenings in. This simple and stylish woodburner comes in three designs, each with an extra-large glass viewing window, smooth lines that conceal a handle and log store and an eco-friendly combustion system for a clean and efficient burn. Available in black steel, with or without a soapstone top plate to emit heat long after the fire has gone out, there’s something for every home. The A+ rated Westfire Uniq 26 Compact Ecodesign freestanding woodburning stove shown above is a sustainable choice, as it burns wood cleanly and efficiently for optimum heat output with minimal environmental impact. With an extra-large glass window to watch the flickering flames inside, it adds the perfect focal point to any modern interior. Design-wise, its slim profile includes a flush-fit stainless-steel handle and a short bottom section, allowing for installation in lower-level fireplaces. This 4-7kW compact design is also suitable for smoke control areas, making it ideal for city living as well as country homes. Also part of the Westfire Uniq 26 collection is the Uniq 26 Ecodesign, This woodburning stove has all the hallmarks of simple and elegant Danish design with its extra-large window and slimline size. Another sustainable and eco-friendly model, it burns wood cleanly and efficiently and also boasts advanced combustion technology for warmth and comfort with A+ energy efficiency and minimal emissions. Its flush-fit stainless-steel handle enhances the seamless look while the 4-7kW heat output will warm up rooms up to around 100 sq m. The third model in the Westfire Uniq 26 collection is the A+ rated Uniq 26 Ecodesign 100mm Soapstone. The soapstone top plate allows homeowners to benefit from the heat long after the fire has gone out. This is because soapstone is a natural material with excellent heat retention so even once the flames have subsided, the top plate still radiates a consistent and comfortable warmth, perfect for larger spaces that need a little extra help keeping cosy. This 4-7kW stove also has a built-in storage area for kindling or firelighters, as well as eco-friendly, clean and efficient combustion. “We are thrilled to add the Westfire Uniq 26 collection to our portfolio,” says Chris Baines, Managing Director of Eurostove. “Many homeowners want the warmth and comfort that a woodburning stove provides but without the traditional styling and bulky appearance. These designs are perfect for modern interiors and contemporary living spaces with their Danish influence, clean lines and fuss-free finish. Not only are they elegant and sleek but they are also eco-friendly, making them a great choice for anyone looking to make their home more sustainable.” The Westfire Uniq 26 Compact Ecodesign is priced from £2,809 the Uniq 26 Ecodesign, £2,873 and the Uniq 26 Ecodesign 100mm Soapstone, £3,435 Image courtesy of Eurostove

HETAS Extends Network of Industry Leading Training Centres across England, Scotland and Wales

HETAS, the leading solid fuel and biomass organisation, is pleased to announce the expansion of its network of registered training centres throughout England, Scotland and Wales.  As the energy landscape rapidly evolves and consumers increasingly seek out sustainable and environmentally friendly heating solutions, many heating engineers and installers are recognising the importance of extending their offerings to meet these evolving demands.  Keen to equip installers and technicians with the correct training that aligns with the latest industry standards and legislation, HETAS has approved training centres across the breadth of the UK. The latest centre to join its network of industry leading training venues is the Mr Soot Training Centre based in Wigan, Greater Manchester.  The new centre joins 14 existing training facilities which all specialise in a range of training courses, business workshops and seminars for sole traders, micro businesses and SMEs. Speaking on the launch of the new centre, David Soot, “Our business has always stood for professionalism and innovation; delivering what customers want and continually striving to raise standards. “By unveiling of a modern, bespoke training centre, we have demonstrated our commitment to investing in both the local economy and future of our industry.”  Renowned for its commitment to providing quality training and certification schemes to professionals, HETAS aims to ensure that technicians across the country have access to exceptional training opportunities that foster industry excellence. All 15 HETAS accredited training centres across England, Scotland and Wales offer comprehensive courses led by expert trainers and assessors. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including appliance installation, maintenance and servicing, as well as the newly introduced Sweep and Service scheme.  Commenting on the need to meet consumer demands, CEO Bruce Allen said: “By diversifying their expertise to include solid fuel and biomass appliances, heating installers, sweeps and technicians alike can effectively address consumer preferences for greener alternatives. As the industry leading training provider, we want to ensure that only the best training centres offer our range of courses. As consumer preferences drive the demand for sustainable heating solutions, HETAS remains committed to empowering installers, technicians and sweeps alike with industry-leading training and certification. By expanding its network of registered training centres, HETAS can help to broaden the knowledge and skills of those on the frontline of delivering alternative heating solutions.  For more information on the HETAS training courses available and how to become a part of the growing network of qualified professionals, visit hetas.co.uk. For more information about becoming HETAS registered, visit hetas.co.uk.  

Create a clean, contemporary look with the new iLektro slimline electric fires from Eurostove

Modern interiors need modern heating solutions to enhance their contemporary look and feel. Electric fires are the perfect solution with their clean, fuss-free finish and multiple options for realistic and eye-catching flame patterns and effects. Eurostove, experts in electric, wood burning, multi fuel, inset and freestanding stoves and fires, have launched two new slimline versions of its sleek iLektro electric fire collection, perfect for saving space in the living area or open-plan interior as well as smaller homes, studios and apartments. The iLektro range of electric fires is the ultimate blend of design and technology with stunning flame effects and a clean inset design. Adding a luxurious look to any home, they produce heat instantly. No more waiting around for the logs to heat up and as they don’t require a chimney or flue, they are suitable for all properties including new-builds, studios and flats. The iLektro IS50 slimline electric fire measures H500 x W1270 x D120mm and combines style, warmth and practicality with its full-screen display, clear-vision low-reflection front glass and realistic flame patterns and effects with 10 settings for the fire-bed and toplight mood lighting. The iLektro IS60 slimline electric fire meanwhile measures slightly wider at H500 x W1524 x D120mm and also features a full glass front with six vibrant flame colour options, including a new red hue, with variable heat output. Both the iLektro slimline fires are A rated for energy, can be built-in or wall-hung and are easy to install. Measuring just 120mm deep, they are perfect for fitting into a media wall and come with a choice of six flame colours, three flame speeds, five flame brightness options and two heat settings. Each design also produces a realistic log crackle sound with volume control and users can also choose their own colours for the flame, fuel bed and downlighting. There is plenty of heat for a cosy winter’s day with up to 1.5kW output as well as even heat distribution technology built-in, so no cold spots. Users will also benefit from energy-saving LED Multi Flame technology and can enjoy the flame effects with or without the heat switched on, making the iLektro slimline electric fires a luxurious focal point all day, every day. Both designs have full-screen display, remote control for ease of use and a handy seven-day programmable timer with room thermostat. “Our iLektro electric fires are designed to suit all homes at all times of the day,” says Chris Baines, Managing Director of Eurostove. “Users can enjoy the realistic flame effects without the heat as well as benefit from 1.5kW of evenly distributed heat when needed. The new slimline models are ideal for saving space in a smaller room, studio or apartment and look stunning installed into a media wall in an open-plan design. They also have a kind of ski resort or James Bond look about them, which friends and family are sure to love.” The iLektro IS50 slimline is priced from £650 and the iLektro IS60, from £850 Images courtesy of Eurostove

Chimney Fire Safety Week. “Speak to a Sweep!” 4th to 11th September 2023

The Fire Kills campaign will be promoting relevant messages throughout Chimney Fire Safety Week from 4 to 10 September.  Given the cost-of-living rise, people may explore using alternative methods to heat their homes, which might impact on use of chimneys.  Ensuring these are safe and ready for use is important, so the primary message of the Week will be to encourage people to have their chimneys swept in preparation for use over winter. Awareness and Action  Ultimately the campaign strives to raise awareness of chimney fires and encourage consumers to act. The campaign focuses on the importance of chimney sweeping and appliance maintenance, the use of quality fuels and tips to get the most efficiency from a stove.   Having a chimney swept not only reduces the fire risk, but also enables more efficient combustion saving you money by reducing the amount of fuel used and reduces emissions helping the environment and the air we breathe. The sweep will offer bespoke advice the householder on the use of their appliance, the correct use of fuels to gain maximum heat and warmth from their appliance. Partnership working with the Federation of British Chimney Sweeps The Federation of British Chimney (FBCS) and its association members is committed to providing a unified voice and single point of contact for the chimney sweep trade. Its member association cover more than 80% of registered chimney sweeps within England, Scotland and Wales and works in partnership with the major stakeholders within industry to raise standards through formal qualification (NVQ) and promote the essential services of the chimney sweep. The “Speak to a Sweep!” campaign has been specifically developed to deliver public information campaigns such as Chimney Fire Safety Week through partnership working with other industry stakeholders such as ClearSkies, Stove Industry Alliance, British Flue and Chimney Manufacturers and the Sweep Associations. The FBCS association members are sweeping, servicing, and maintaining flues and appliances in 10,000 homes each working day helping to keep the householder safe and warm. Social media posts #speaktoasweep!   For more information and how can help with fire prevention, please visit:  www.speaktoasweep.co.uk/safety  Images courtesy of iStock

The New Woodland Electric Stove from Mendip is Fully Programmable for Intuitive Heating

When you want the ease and convenience of a clean heating solution, which is quick and efficient too, the new Woodland Electric Stove from Mendip Stoves is the perfect combination of style and substance. Offering the look and feel of a traditional woodburner, this 570mm wide 2kW stove is fully programmable. This enables users to set a specific heat requirement at a specific time, so no more coming home to a cold house after work or a trip away. With the Mendip Woodland Electric, if you’d like your living room to be 21 degrees at 6pm for instance, the stove will know when to switch itself on as it ‘learns’ from experience for a fully intuitive heating solution.  With its clean-lined contemporary design, which suits both modern and traditional interiors, the Woodland Electric Stove features a large viewing window and an authentic flame effect. The flames can be selected in multiple colours as well as offering the option of having them flickering at variable speeds to create a different ambience at various times of the day. Designed in the UK, the stove is ideal for homes without a chimney, hearth or flue as well as those who require a quick and easy installation. Electric stoves are so easy to fit, providing instant heat at the touch of a button. Added benefits include a lower price tag and installation cost as well as the flexibility of being installed anywhere with a power supply. Electric stoves are also 100% efficient and clean, heating up a room in an instant, making them the perfect heating choice for all types of properties and lifestyles. Chris Baines, MD Mendip Stoves, comments: “We are so excited to be launching a brand new electric stove for 2021. Offering homeowners the look and feel of a woodburner but with instant heat, intuitive control and a fully programmable intelligent source of comfort and warmth, this next-generation stove is suitable for all homes and budgets.” The Mendip Woodland Electric Stove from Mendip Stoves is priced from £1,125.

Bring high-tech heating into the home with the iLektro electric fire range from Eurostove

The Eurostove iLektro 950 Aspect fire Efficient, clean, simple and easy to install, electric fires are perfect for every home. Whether it’s a modern new-build without a flue, a studio apartment with limited space, a purpose-built flat with clean lines and a contemporary look or even a rural cottage that needs something quick and easy to heat up a living area, dining room or open-plan space, electric fires offer the perfect blend of sleek design and state-of-the-art technology. Eurostove’s new and updated iLektro collection is ideal for homes with good insulation, where heating is required but also where a focal point feature fire is desired to give a room instant wow factor and a cosy, welcoming feel at the touch of a button.  The new iLektro range is available in four sizes, the 950 aspect and three landscape models: 1250, 1650 and 2000 – with something to suit every space. Highly efficient with high heat output, clean energy and easy installation, it’s the perfect choice for anyone wishing to get ahead and install a new fire ready for the autumn/winter to come. The Eurostove iLektro 1250 Landscape fire The iLektro range by Paul Agnew Designs is created for modern lifestyles with Wi-Fi capability, allowing users to operate their fire from a smartphone or tablet, both iPhone and Android. This allows homeowners to turn their fire on before they get home and turn it off via their device if they forget before they go out. It also comes with a remote handset, an LED indicator inside the stove as well as six frame colour options and a new two-level crackle sound for the authentic sound of a crackling fire. Users can also adjust the flame brightness and flame speed and choose from 10 fuel bed colours and 10 top light colours too. There is even a backlight option for external shelving as well as rotating options for the fuel bed to suit any space and desired effect. The Eurostove iLektro 1650 Landscape fire The iLektro collection of electric fires from Eurostove also comes with a realistic chamber bed that can be fitted with Gas Quality Ceramic Logs, Vermiculite, Coal Pieces, Black or Amber Crystals to create the desired look and feel. A-rated for energy efficiency, each of the fires provides even heat distribution as well as the perfect ambience that can be app controlled both in temperature and visual effect from a smartphone or tablet. There’s no need for a flue, which makes installation quick, clean and easy in any room. Perfect for media walls, homeowners can also match LED lighting around the TV or behind a bookcase to the colour of the fire for a complementary or contrasting finish.  All models are available as standard with the option to be single, double or triple-sided with full-screen display, energy-saving LED Multi Flame technology and the use of the flame effect with or without heat. There is the option of front, left-hand, right-hand and bay orientated options with clear-vision, low reflection front glass and a unique side glass reflection. There’s also a seven-day programmable timer with room thermostat, making the iLektro collection the ultimate in flexible, versatile heating to suit all spaces and all tastes.  The Eurostove iLektro 2000 Landscape fire “We are delighted to be adding these four new and improved models to our iLektro collection,” says Chris Baines, Managing Director of Eurostove, “With so many options for the layout, flame colour, flame speed and brightness as well as crackle sound effects and various heat settings, it really is an electric fire design that suits everyone. Energy and heat efficient, it’s also a really clean, quick and easy way to install a new fire, creating a wonderful focal point in any room.” The iLektro 950 Aspect fire from Eurostove is priced from £1,650; the 1250 Landscape is priced from £1,695; the 1650 Landscape, from £2,075 and the 2000 Landscape, £2,425.

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